Dreamers & Weavers Roundtable

the do’s, don’ts, ups and downs of how to co-author your dream, because no man is an island; from Dreamers, to Dream Teams, Dynamic Duos, and Power Couples, weaving big dreams is a collaborative art form; the Roundtable is where dreams come to life

Get in; Get out! Transformative Experience

get into those deeply held feelings; get out with a divine, transformative message; learning the language of feelings, understanding what they’ve come to say, a 7step process

Personal Transformation: Becoming Who You Were Created To Be

“The pearl is a gem of great price, but you must get inside its shell. Until then, it’s just a symptom of a diseased oyster.”                                                        ~Personifications

Norma T is dedicated to inspiring personal and collective growth, change, and advancement through the Arts & Education, creatively designing transformative experiences via live and broadcast productions,   workshops, discussions, presentations, and online courses.

Next Step…

“Gettin’ inside that shell ain’t no punk is it? It’s easy to  look up and wait for something to come down, but the real work is inside. God is in the details.”     ~Personifications

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