Twerking Thru the Shift

Perspectives, Observations, Insights & Ah Ha’s

It seems the entire axis upon which the earth rotates is shifting, indeed, the very energy field that supports the living universe.  With this shift,  hidden truths are being unearthed; what was done in the dark is now coming to the light; masks are falling away revealing hideous faces and personas underneath; yet, at the same time, veils are being lifted and beautiful countenances are beaming in the morning light, as humankind, once again, makes a turn on the evolutionary cycle. So, as things fall apart during this shift, things equally fall into place.

In the meantime, what, on earth, are we to do? Twerk! – not just the girational movements of a popular dance craze turned work-out phenom, but the raising of vibrational frequencies from the root to the crown chakras and vice versa,  plugging corporeal matter into its original source, the inner cosmos.  Reconnect! Raise your frequency! Vibrate!

Twerkin’ Thru the Shift seeks to offer readers / listeners / viewers avenues through which the raising of individual and collective vibration might be accomplished, not to mention some reality altering perspectives on the world around us.

Next Step … Twerk!

NT raises the vibration of every experience, from the Arts to Education, Personal Enrichment, and to the Written/Spoken Word. Take yourself, your audience, group, organization, institution to the next frequency!

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