In this coming into audacity memoir, Norma dredges up every experience, from age 5 to womanhood, whose emotional residue has taken up residency in her psyche and wreaked havoc in her life. Packed in timeless photos, anecdotes, epiphanies, ah ha moments, laughter, and tears, she discovers a treasure of feelings they’ve left behind, learns their language, and discloses a divine message they’ve been trying to deliver all these years.
Companion Instruction Manual to The Smell of Garlic on Sunday, Learning the Language of Feelings guides readers through a 7step process to get into their feelings to get out, with a divine, life altering message. It includes an abbreviated process for parents, teachers, and mentors to use with children and youth.
a pre-printed journal for use as a tool with the Instruction Manual, but useful also as one engages in the work of personal growth and transformation
Three stories in one: Kamiliyah in the Bluebonnets, Two at the Zoo, and Big Girls, the Bibi’s Girls Early Years Collection follows two Beautiful, Intelligent, Busy, Inventive little girls, Kamiliyah and Leelah; they’re Bibi’s Girls! Pictures taken by local photographer, Joyce Johnson, of Kamiliyah in our Texas bluebonnets inspired her Bibi (grandmother) to write a story, and the idea of Bibi’s Girls was born. The Bibi’s Girls book series is designed to encourage early reading and give little girls who look just like Kamiliyah and Leelah positive images of themselves with positive lessons to learn, and we hope it will bring joy to little girls everywhere!