Norma T,

 Transformative Experience Designer

award-winning author, director, producer

… designer of personalized experiences  that enlighten, inform, and entertain

… creatively encouraging and inspiring growth, change, and personal advancement

From live theatre, to film&video, individual/group facilitation, and the spoken/written word, Norma T makes every experience transformative.

writer, producer/director, composer, arts educator & arts entrepreneur, performing artist, workshop presenter

Author of The Smell of Garlic on Sunday and Bibi’s Girls: Early Years Collection, a collection of 3 children’s stories, screenwriting finalist in the Hollywood Black Film Festival screenwriting contest and winning playwright in the Texas Educational Theatre Association PlayFest,  there is no artistic stone that Norma T leaves unturned. She has transformed the least likeliest of places into live theatres, from gymnasiums, to living rooms and car ports. She has mounted award-winning and acclaimed productions from educational theatre, film and theatre festivals, to professional road-houses. A few of her most recent original works include, live stage productions, Personifications (adapted from the book, The Smell of Garlic on Sunday),  Lest We Forget, An Urban Christmas Tale, The Wizard of Swag, All Wrapped Up, and Church Ladies; the latter three included her own original music compositions as well. Music video, Do Something, and Harvest Moon, a short film, have been Norma’s calling cards of video and film production. A veteran certified Texas educator, Norma has developed Arts programming and teaching methodologies, as well as educational and arts organizations, working in the community with numerous churches, organizations, groups, and institutions. Performing artist of stage, film, and broadcast media, Norma appeared weekly as spoken word artist on the radio talk-show, Dialogue w/Ada Edwards.

She is designer and facilitator of The Get in; Get out! Transformative Experience which guides participants through a 7step process of learning the language of feelings, understanding what they’ve come to say: Get in your deepest feelings; get out with a divine message. She is co-creator and facilitator of the Dreamers & Weavers Round -table, sharing the do’s, don’ts, ups and downs of  how to co-author your dream, because no man is an island, and she presents, among other topics, Shelf to Stage, a workshop on adapting books/stories to stage plays.

Every production, every presentation, every workshop, every class has but one purpose, one goal: to creatively encourage and inspire growth, change,  personal advancement, and transformation.