Do No Harm

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We are all sojourners through a mystical land of our collective imagination. This resonates within me as truth. As sojourners here together, having come from the same source, for the same grand purpose and design, we made some agreements prior to embarking upon this experience. We had to; in a state of pure omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, we knew that perfect order was necessary for the purpose to ultimately be fulfilled.

One agreement I’m certain that we made, as “adventurers to the jungle of space and time”, was DO NO HARM.

Yet, “harm” is totally subjective. We really don’t know when, where, or how we are causing harm most of the time. Oh yes, there are many, many, many of us who have, in the forgetfulness of sleep, allowed our personas to become those who intentionally do harm. The reasons this choice is made are many: I have been harmed. As a result of harm done to me, I am insecure; I fear for my survival. I fear that they will have, be, do more than I. I feel threatened. I feel rejected and alienated. Thus, I live defensively. While this field of diminished energy exists and grows daily, creating a vicious cycle of harm, there are those instances when once has no idea he or she has caused harm to another sojourner, or adventurer.

How, then can we keep our promise to one another? How do we honor this soul group that has embarked on this journey together only to forget the promises made, forget why we have come, get caught up in the trappings of our own creation? If we are awake, if we remember, “hey, this ish isn’t real. It’s contrived by our unified intentions. There is no separation; there is no true I, me, you, he, she, them, they; there is only us, and there is only ONE of us. Our individuations are but an exercise of our ability to procreate and recreate ourselves. Our individuations are but a ruse, an optical illusion necessary to fulfill the purpose of US. So, it appears then, they key is to look at one another with the eye that sees through the illusion, the eye that possesses clairvoyance, and symbolic sight, the Third Eye.

In the movie, “Avatar”, the character, Neytiri, says to Jake Sully, “I see you.” In other words she had begun to see beyond the avatar, beyond the façade, beyond the intrusive, suspicious alien to her land; she had begun to see his essence, who he truly was. Writer, Neale Donald Walsch, tells the parable of The Little Soul and the Sun in which a Little Soul says to God one day, “I know what I am; I am light”. The Soul then returns to God another day and asks, “Since I know what I am, can I BE what I am?” In granting the Little Soul’s wish, God explains, “What you are is everything; there is only light. In order to experience “being” light, you must find some place where light is not. You must go into darkness, to experience being the light, and this will not be easy. Still eager to experience being, the Little Soul prepared to go into darkness Other Souls ageed to meet him there, to help him with his experience. They begged, “Don’t forget who we are when we get there”. He promised, “I won’t forget.”

That we might DO NO HARM, we must open our Third Eye, truly “see” each other, and remember who we are, why we have come, and what we mean to each other. The answer does not lie in restricting the actions, the ideas, the beliefs, the freedoms, the experiences of others. The answer lies in the awakening. Yet, so many of us are not awake, refuse to accept that an awakening is necessary, and have been so harmed themselves that awakening equates becoming passive and vulnerable; so, their existence is as of elephants in a china store. Then there are many of us who, though we are awakening, are striving to remain awakened each day. There are so many earthen, physical, societal lullabies, waiting to sing us back to sleep; the struggle is real. The potential for harm germinates and is nurtured in its own field of diminished/negative energy. It is an entity that walks among us, a harbinger and purveyor of ill will. It is perpetrated one against the other; what is not intended as harm is perceived as such because of its pervasiveness in the human psyche.

I explore this today because, this morning, I brought harm to another. It was not my intent; yet, it is what was perceived. I could have just adamantly stood my ground and blamed the individual for being expectant of it as a result of their own insecurities, identification with what was said/done, or mirror guilt. Yet, I chose to take ownership of what was done, regardless of the intent; I was the vessel through which the incident was manifested and I took responsibility for the use of my energy. I did so, not only because the person to whom I caused the harm is as near and dear to me as life itself, but because of the choice I have made regarding my sojourn, my adventure to the “jungle of space and time”.

I have decided:
*I will fight like hell to stay awake.
*I will be who I AM.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *I will open my Third Eye that I might see you, and remember who you are.                                                                                                                                                                                 *I will remember that we have come to this place together, from the same source location, to help each other BE who we are.
*I will keep my Third Eye open that I might see through the illusions of our own making and choose how to respond.
*I will respond to the illusions of our own making and to those caught up in the illusion with the intent and purpose to Do No Harm.

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