When Old Stories Gain New Meaning: (#4) Classic!


At key moments in time, key junctures along our life’s journey, every now and then, a life review is good. It’s good to be reminded of how far we have traveled, the things we’ve been through, the challenges we’ve faced, the triumphs, horrible mistakes, lessons learned, and all the people who played a part. It’s good to validate and confirm our purpose for being. Retelling old stories, telling them from a fresh perspective, awaiting new insight is the stuff of growth and evolution. Some would go so far as to ridicule and demean others for reviewing a life event many years later and not gaining something new out of it. The notion seems to be that if you don’t get something new out of it, you, indeed, have not grown. For, if you’ve grown, you will see things differently. Tain’t necessarily so.

When Old Stories Gain New Meaning was the result of realizing how much my voice had changed, how much my perspective differs from even last year. Some thoughts, ideas, and beliefs are the same; some have changed completely; others have expanded or broadened. How I approach thoughts, ideas, and beliefs,  which are priorities and which are not, what is important about them, how I choose to share and express them, all of this has changed. It has changed to the extent that I do not presently know, as a writer, who my audience is! I was encouraged that I do, indeed,  have an audience who can be helped by my not so random musings, and I should proactively seek it out.

Curious as to just how much, in how many areas of life my perspective had changed, I began looking over some old writings. In so doing, I started gaining new insights from them and thought it would be interesting to do some re-writes and see what it is I might choose to edit out, what I would simply rephrase and how. I decided to explore, not just the details of these old stories, but how I respond to them.

I concluded that, in life, there will be moments that were simply moments in time. They happened. We took away from them what was there to be taken away and that’s it. We review them and we laugh the same as we laughed the day it happened, or we might even well up. The emotional connection is there, but the moment has passed. Then there are the Classic moments of which we will be the creators. Moments that will withstand the test of time. They will not only elicit emotional response, but will inspire us again and again. They will touch something deep within us and we will know that , while every moment is as it should be, this moment was a destiny moment. Nothing is coincidental, but while some events and experiences are drawn into our journey to fulfill a momentary purpose, others are drawn to fulfill a timeless, eternal purpose. They are Classic.

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