Egret Expectations


A White Egret Heron made an appearance today. Nature has not only a great deal to teach us, still, but ever fulfills her duty as messenger, showing up where ever we are, whenever we need, in a manner that we can comprehend. Our job is to listen. I posted, randomly, on FB today the thought that there is a force, a power, a cosmic energy, a creative intelligence that permeates all there is … moves and grooves behind the curtains … takes all of our decisive actions and orchestrates them into a symphony of universal purpose. There seems to be that same force, power, etc., that knows just what information we need to access and just when we need to access it. I do not mean to imply that this force is outside ourselves, but it seems that it must be within and without. I had just whispered a question to myself, and was anticipating an answer, some inner guidance on what to do, when I looked up and the Heron had appeared.

I’d like to think that expectation has something to do with it. Others call it intent; I call it expectation. When something is expected, and expected to the point of anticipation, its ability to be realized is stronger. Perhaps, when expectation is great our personal vibration is raised; thus, when vibration matches expectation, manifestation takes place. That can be just as true for negative expectation as it can be for positive expectation. Expect the worst; you get the worst. It’s why I am working to become less of a conspiracy theorist. I mean, stupid is as stupid does; you can’t change what is. It just is, but in the absence of empirical evidence or at least a SOP, standard operational procedure, a manner of acting, an established pattern, it wreaks of egoism to presume the worst, to go off half-cocked, as the boomer generation would say.

So, in expectation of guidance and clarity, in true White Heron/Egret/Crane fashion, he/she, not sure which, appeared alone, which was clear indication that the message was for me. She balanced on one leg, reminding me of my ability to perform many tasks at once and to embrace that. She stood, waiting patiently for the opportunity to nab a little lunch, as the nature of opportunity is that it comes, it knocks; there is no need to expend energy wastefully seeking opportunity where it is not mean to be found. It was a timely message well received.

2 thoughts on “Egret Expectations

  • November 23, 2015 at 3:25 am

    I’d agree with Nathifa. I’ve been having some experiences in life very recently where I’ve been sent some major signs, answers or next steps when I stopped expecting. I’ve been unknowingly not expecting, but it hasn’t been happening nonetheless. It’s taken for me to detach and live in my own space to be able to pick up these signals better. Since I’ve moved into my own apartment, and now have peace in my life, these signals are strong and are leading me somewhere. I’m not sure where I’m going but I feel that I’m on the right path. I think it’s the season for the signs.

  • November 22, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    The universe is truly a magnificent being. She communicates in ways, subtle ways, to awaken the dormant energy within us that this human experience lulls to sleep. Expectation is a critical and crucial element of which gifts you receive. I need to relinquish my worst-case thinking and switch the dial to the best-possibility and tune my antennas to the frequency of unlimited possible…Messages on the wind….


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