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It seems the entire axis upon which the earth rotates is shifting, indeed the very energy field that supports the living universe.  With the shift,  hidden truths are being unearthed; human kind is, once again, making a turn on the evolutionary cycle; yet, as things fall into place during this shift, things equally fall apart. What, on earth, are we to do? Twerk! - not just the girational movements of a popular dance craze, but the raising of vibrational frequencies from the root to the crown chakras.  Raise your vibration!

Twerkin' Thru the Shift seeks to offer readers / listeners / viewers avenues and platforms through which the raising of individual and collection vibration might be accomplished.

Just call it the Wakanda of the world wide web!

For awhile, Twerkin' Thru the Shift will host

          "Altar Take-Aways"

ah has, epiphanies, revelations, and food for thought taken from time spent at the altar in quiet listening,  combined with tidbits, gems, and pearls of wisdom gleaned from the book,

The Smell of Garlic on Sunday.

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Bibi's Girls Publications

Written Works


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The Smell of Garlic on Sunday

Bibi's Girls, The Early Years Collection

  • Kamiliyah in the Bluebonnets
  • Two at the Zoo
  • Big Girls


  • Stage plays (Musicals, Plays w/Music, Adaptations)
  • Spoken Word (Poetry)
  • Short Stories
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Dallas, Texas ~ March 24th!

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French Creole Productions

Stage and film production company.

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Personal Development


 personal growth & development,  the performing and written arts

Dreamers & Weavers Roundtable

In Your Feelings Experience [Workshop]

From Shelf to Stage: Adapting Books into Stage Plays

Customized Experiences

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Norma T,

Creator of the In Your Feelings Guide

... author of The Smell of Garlic on Sunday, including the  Learning the Language of Feelings Instruction Manual

... creatively inspiring growth, change, and personal advancement

Through theatre,  film&video, individual/group facilitation, and the spoken/written word, Norma T makes every experience a transformative one.

playwright, producer/director, performer, composer, arts educator and arts entrepreneur,  published author, workshop presenter

Norma has transformed the least likeliest of places into live theatres, from gymnasiums, to living rooms and car ports. She has been a screenwriting finalist in the Hollywood Black Film Festival screenwriting contest, mounted award-winning and acclaimed productions from educational theatre, film and theatre festivals, to professional road-houses. A few of her most recent original works include, live stage productions, Lest We Forget, An Urban Christmas Tale, The Wizard of Swag, and Church Ladies; the latter two included her own original music compositions as well. Music video, Do Something, and Harvest Moon, a short film have been Norma’s calling card of video and film production. Norma has developed programs, teaching methodologies, educational and arts organizations. She has worked in the community with numerous churches, organizations, groups, and institutions.

Every production, every presentation, every workshop, every class has had but one purpose, to encourage and inspire personal development.

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Next Step ...

NT, raising the vibration of every experience from the Arts to Education, Enrichment, and the Written Word. Take your audience, group, organization, institution to the next level!